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The World Wide Web (www), Internet or 'The Cloud' provides a wealth of information for users no matter what the subject matter or the age and gender of the user, it also provides an ability to send sometimes free messages over vast distances in the blink of an eye, e-mail messages, pictures or video to relatives abroad or colleagues on a business trip away from home, if there's access to the internet, you can usually get a message.

We provides a number of services related to Internet access and use. From creating a complete Internet/Intranet web server to www web and DNS zone hosting services and broadband wires only access, we are able to meet your business or personal needs for Internet access and use.

Internet Access: Getting connected, you can do this two ways, first the original dialup via a 56K modem or 64K ISDN this gets you access from almost anywhere in the world, even via your mobile phone.

The second and increasingly popular broadband or ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Asymmetric? the simple answer is its faster downloading to your PC or laptop than uploading to a website for example. Digital Subscriber Line is a bit misleading, its just your normal analogue phone line. The good news is that the digital part for the signal is filtered out so the phone can be used at the same time, from a business perspective this is great news - it can be used as fax or phone line at the same time for example.

Fibre optic broadband is rapidly taking over from adsl and is available in an increasing number of locations. The fibre optic service typically runs 4 or 5 times faster than adsl downloading and up to 10 times the speed of adsl upload typically. 40-50Mbs download and 10Mbs uploads.

We are also able to provide Symmetric DSL (SDSL) in a variety of speeds - this product provides identical upload and download speeds for VPN applications linking companies site to site.

We can supply from 2Mb to 8Mb services, static and dynamic IP address for either service with a choice of contended services. Call for a quote on the ADSL or SDSL service you require.

The following is a summary list of Internet and Web services APEX Computer Technology can provide:

- DNS Zone management for your inhouse email server and/or configuration of Remote Web Working (RWW)
- Standby email servers, additional MX record servers ready to collect and store your email for upto 4 days incase of local Exchange Server failure.
- Wires only adsl/broadband subscription for a variety of services on a minimum 3 month contract period.
- Website hosting servers, fast, reliable servers providing first class hosting facilities including your own mail/smtp servers and multiple e-mail addresses.
- Website design - we can provide a complete design and build service for your website, from simple web-presence to full scale e-commerce site.
- Domain registration and management, we can order and setup your domain name, manage it and ensure it points to your web servers.
- Web server design, setup and configuration. Do you want to run your own website on your own web server, at your offices? We can help.

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements further.

Updated Sept 2015.

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