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APEX Computer Technology provides network expertise for small and medium businesses from a single computer to buildings full of computers that need to exchange data; fast reliable networks are a keystone to successful business systems.

Wireless networking is becoming a popular method of connectivity not only for laptop users, but conneting line of sight buildings into business local area networks (LAN). There are many developing standards and some special considerations that need to be addressed for successful wireless networking. APEX Computer Technology not only have the networking expertise but also the 'radio transmissions and practices' background to ensure a successful deployment of wireless technologies in your business.

Wide area networking (WAN) is a service also provided by APEX Computer Technology allowing LAN's on different geographical sites to be connected. There are a number of methods available to achieve connectivity, Virtual Private Network (VPN) being the most popular. We provide ADSL (broadband) services for business and domestic uses.

Home working, is a concept which is growing fast as daily commuting to cities is becoming more and more difficult and expensive. Connecting your employees to your systems with fast and reliable links could aid productivity by reducing stress and allowing working outside of normal 9-5 hours.

It also brings back into the workforce valuable resources that may be unable to travel into the office regularly, like mothers of youngsters, those who have become or who are disabled or some of the many other reasons which restrict access to commutable workplaces for people.

Remote Web Working (RWW) is a popular concept allowing unprecedented access to the workplace IT environment and is implemented extensively on Microsofts Small Business Server technology through modern router firewalls.

Extensive use of broadband/ADSL and SDSL technology enables a wide range of cheap effective and generally reliable WAN communications including Voice over Internet Portocols or (VoIP) and Dual ADSL round robin and standby ADSL links to increase performance and WAN link resilience.

Network security is a key element of a successful and robust network, suitable firewall technologies to stop external tampering and methods of containing e-mail and file virus attacks are so important in any network infrastructure especially those connected to the internet.

Most network solutions consist of a combination of technologies and may encompass all networking areas. We are here to ensure they all fit together seamlessly and work as effectively as possible to serve your business needs.

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